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Lucille Lagasse – New Book

Her book – Doin’ What Come Natur’lly is available at

Don't miss the opportunity to get her book!

You won’t want to miss this !  Talk a look

Lucille's book

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Guaranteed to Change your Life!

People will try anything for a quick pick-me-up. We fill our bodies with sugar, mega doses of caffine, even miracle herbs or supplemets from far away places with names no one has ever heard of and can’t even begin to pronounce. And for what???? Jifttery highs, crashing lows and empty wallets.

It’s time to get back to basics and eat healthy. Lucille Lagasse has published her book “Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly”. It’s jam packed with all the information you will ever need on how to eat well and cure diseases and return to amazing health. We will be publishing some of her information here for you to try.

If you are in Southern New Hampshire and would like her to speak at your club, group or organization, just let us know. She will be happy to set a date with you. She never charges a fee for her engagements. Her passion is to help people to become healthy the natural way. She is a living example of what we can do by eating a natural healthy diet of true foods.

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Getting Healthy Inside and Outside!

It’s time to get active – on the inside as well as the outside.  

Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly – a book about natural healing through nutrition.  She has cured herself of leukemia and arthritis, all through proper and healthy eating.  You’ve heard it over and over again – Sugar is poison!!!  It’s true – and when Lucille eliminated sugar and processed foods from her diet her health issues went away.  She has not been to a doctor in over 40 years.  Want to learn more – you can get her book at   All her cures are right from your kitchen and readily available at your local health food store.   Next time I’ll give you her ingredients for her morning protein shake.  

Spring is right around the corner – before you know it, you’ll be outside and ready to get active – so it’s time to get your “Go Green…..Go Walking T-shirt!!!!

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Great Park Pursuit

  Check out the Great Park Pursuit sponsored by the State of New Hampshire — Free fun for families – Learn about the great parks in New Hampshire.  Go Green Go is a proud sponsor of the event. 

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A winning combination


What does “Go Green Go”, “Lucille Lagasse”, and ” 21TEN” have in common? – Keep reading to find out…. 

 A winning combination  –


Go Green Go protecting the environment!

Lucille Lagasse protecting your health!

21TEN providing the freedom to enjoy both!

You can read on or click for all the information!

Go Green Go – The Vision

Vision is the art of seeing how actions taken today will impact the world we live in tomorrow.  We shape tomorrow’s world everyday.  It is unavoidable.  What you and I are doing right now is shaping how our very next day will turn out.  Think about it for a moment! 
THINK!  The laundry you put off today, well, tomorrow no clean clothes.  You just created a crisis situation that forces you to act. Do laundry or buy more clothes.  How the crisis is remedied is up to you -choices we make today will have a profound impact in the way it shapes your tomorrow.  Every day we shape our future through our actions, either by doing or not doing. Every action, both big and small, can make a difference in you and your environment. Go Green Go was developed with these values in mind.  

Our unique t-shirt designs promote eco-friendly activities such as walking, hiking, biking, etc.  Our shirts are designed to inspire, empower and celebrate a generation of “doers”.  Our T-shirts foster an appreciation of nature and encourage people to take meaningful actions to protect their health and the environment in which they live.  What we choose to protect for the future says much about who we are today.

The choices we make today affect the lives we live and how well we live those lives……………. which leads us to Lucille Lagasse.

Lucille Lagasse – Doin’ What comes Natur’lly –
True Tales of Cures Without Drugs – The book

Lucille is an inspiration to all who meet her. An amazing 88-year-old woman who has made choices that have had a profound impact on her health and the health of others.
Lucille was born with leukemia  – she suffered with that disease, along with arthritis and shingles, for a good part of her life.  At age 42, when crawling up the stairs on her hands and knees her daughter asked her what she was doing?  She replied “Going upstairs!”  Her daughter asked her why was she on her hands and knees.  She didn’t even realize that this was no ordinary way to climb the stairs because she had done it for so long. She replied ” I can’t walk up the stairs because my knees hurt too much.”  Her daughter gently said, “Well, if you’d give up the sugar you wouldn’t have so much trouble.”  
This started Lucille on a quest to learn about nutrition and healthy eating.  She slowly changed her eating habits and eventually cured herself of leukemia and the other illnesses she had suffered with for so  many years.   She has helped many people cure themselves of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, kidney stones, dementia through healthy eating.  She has not been to a doctor in over 44 years. 

If you live near Goffstown, New Hampshire her house is always open to visitors and she will give you a lesson in healthy eating.   
Lucille’s favorite saying is “Cancer is nothing but ROT, feed your body what it needs and you can get rid of the ROT.”
Lucille is up every morning at 5:30 and participates in her favorite eco-friendly activity – WALKING (2 miles everyday).
Her book is available at
Go Green Go and Lucille Lagasse are natural partners – 

Go Green go works on the outside, while Lucille works on the inside!
And 21Ten – the freedom to enjoy both.

21TEN  – Life Shotz – Listen Up!

Life Shotz isn’t a sweet drink served after story time. It’s for adult tastes.  it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins.  And its bold taste reflects its powerful punch.  THAT’S NOT A PUN. IT’S THE TRUTH! 

21TEN Life Shotz is an insanely potent powder that takes a new approach to vitality and anti-aging. Focusing on cellular protection, natural energy and mood elevation, each packet is a pure blend of nutrient-dense antioxidants, super-charged vitamins B & D3 and powerful cellular transporters that drive nutrients deep into cells for results you can feel.  

  • Easy – Shake one Life Shotz in about 24oz of cold water and you’re good to go.
  • Convenient  – Pocket-sized for life on the move; grab a couple every time you head out the door.
  • Fun –  Mix with juice, protein shakes or yogurt. Make a slushy, tea or frozen treat. Get creative!

With a breakthrough health product and an unprecedented compensation plan that has a secret geometric progressive weapon, 21TEN is taking financial freedom by storm.

At 21TEN, being green is more than waving pompoms, although that’s part of it. Being green is a whole new attitude toward life and the environment.

                             Go Green Go – Lucille Lagasse – 21TEN

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St Patrick’s Day – A perfect time to Go Green

Go Green Go’s Green Tips

Making a few simple changes to your life style are some of the best things you can do to benefit you and your  environment. Following these easy and well know tips can help to make your home a little greener and  it can also put a little more green in your wallets and we all need that with this difficult economy. We are all familiar with these four simple, low-cost ways to help the environment

  • Recycle

Recycling has been around for ages – Items like glass, plastic, paper and aluminum can be recycled to save space in our landfills. Many communities are making recycling easier for residents, too, by combining garbage and recycle pickup. Think about the different ways you can reuse common items around your own home instead of using disposable items.

  • Water

Water is one of our most valuable  resources.  We should always try to conserve this precious resource. One simple way to conserve is to take a shower instead of a bath, take shorter showers or turn down the volume of the water while showering, turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving. Studies have shown that you can save up to 40 gallons of water by showering with a low-flow shower head compared to a bath. 

  • Thermostat

Turn down the heat in the winter or turn up the air conditioning in the summer- saving energy and reducing costs – adding green to your bank account.  A few degrees can make a big difference. Also turn your thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees when your not at home or while you are sleeping.  A programmable thermostat is a good investment and makes it easy to save energy. Keeping the curtains closed and having adequate insulation can also help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Lights

How many times did your mother tell you to shut the door or turn off the lights.  Now’s the time to remember what Mother taught you, if you’re not in a room turn off the lights. Also the use of  energy–saving bulbs can reduce your electric bill. Compact Fluorescents use a fraction of the electricity and doesn’t burn as hot as conventional bulbs do.  

  • Activity

My personal favorite – increase your activity by participating in your favorite eco-friendly activity – you knew I would have to add something that would promote the essence of Go Green Go – You can follow all of the energy-saving tips above but if you don’t take care of your our personal environment (your health) it’s not going to matter much what else you do.  So get out there and walk, hike or bike – enjoy, protect and preserve the  natural environment.

Go Green Go

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Go Green Go is Going …….and Wants to hear from YOU! Since the birth of Go Green Go – one of the greatest challenges has been the process of making decisions. This process can be painfully slow and full of uncertainty, particularly if you are a one man show.

The Development and Sharing of the Idea with Friends

 It all starts when a little voice in your head says “Hey, have you ever thought of doing _______?” (You get to fill in the blank.) You keep thinking about the idea, rolling it around and around in your brain. The little thought grows and evolves until you can actually put words to the idea and intelligently describe the vision to others. The next step is to tell a few people about your idea, usually the first victims are your close friends. This is a very scary step, because you are putting “IT” out there. You’re putting your brainchild on the line, along with your ego, and waiting to see their reaction. Do they think your idea has value or do they try to keep the laughter at bay? I started out sharing with some very close, trusted friends. Those were the “easy” people to share the idea with. That’s why they are called “friends”. Once you get the “Good Friend Seal of Approval”, your brain just takes over and you’re like a pot of coffee brewing. You continue to percolate – one drop at a time unit you have a pot full of “vision”, ready for the pouring. All those little drops that make up the pot of “vision” are comprised of decisions. The Dreaded Decisions. Why do I say “dreaded decisions”? Because they are so hard to make – if you’re like me you are constantly second guessing yourself. But at some time you just have to go ahead and make that decision. So, take the feedback, both good and bad, evaluate the information and go with your “gut” reaction.

You’ve come this far, you can’t give up now, because if you do you will never know if you had that million dollar idea or not – it will always nag you.

Some Basics before you Share More

 So, here you go – You’ve got the idea, now it’s a concept, a real thing. It has started to take on a life of its own. You’ve had some positive feedback from friends. Now what? If you’re serious about going forward you need to make some – yep – decisions. Decide on the company name, register the name, start to think about a logo design, business cards, website, products and that’s just for starters. I have found that the only thing that has not changed since the beginning is the name of the company. Go Green Go….has remained constant. All the other items continue to evolve.

 Sharing with People that are not Friends

You can now start to share the idea with a few people that you might not consider close friends… but only after you have legally protected the name and your logo. After protecting your idea – This is the stage where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. These people that you share your idea with don’t have to be nice to you; they are not your friends (yet). They can afford to be honest – they don’t need to keep you happy. Now you will start to get some sense of reality concerning your project or idea. The feedback that I enjoyed the most (if it was positive) was from total strangers – I would hand them a business card, explain the concept and then I would watch their reaction – not so much the words but the body language and facial expressions. The words were secondary in comparison to the body language and their gut reaction. It was so sweet to hear “Wow, this is a cool idea; I like it.” Those are the comments that keep the idea alive and moving forward.

Positive Attitude – A Must Have During this whole process one of the most important elements that you need to continue to develop your vision is a Positive Attitude. Don’t get bogged down by details – like “How is this ever going to work?” One of the best books that I read on this is “Infinite Possibilities” by Mike Dooley. This is very similar to “The Secret”, which is an excellent book on thinking positive thoughts i.e. the Law of Attraction.

In a nut shell – you attract what you think. So think positive thoughts, not negative ones. Mike Dooley’s book takes it a step further – if you want to manifest your dream – you need to do more than sit around all day just thinking about what you want, you need to take action. Just put one foot in front of each other. Work with what you have and don’t worry about the “Hows”. Like “How am I going to get that done?”, or “How is that ever going to work?” Mike refers to this as the “Cursed Hows!” You will be overwhelmed if you continue to worry about the “Hows”. You can become paralyzed by them, so don’t go down that road. You are to do all that you can do with all that you have been given and let the rest happen….. His motto “Thoughts Become Things…..Think the Good Ones.”tm

Let the Games Begin

 So, that’s where we are… Decisions have been made. There will be more. Feedback has been taken into consideration. There will be more. There will be constant information gathering and reevaluating of our products and image. So, since I like feedback – I’d love to hear from you, yes, this means you, if you’ve read to the bottom of the blog or even if you skipped to the bottom of the blog – I’m not particular – I love feedback both positive and negative. Okay, so negative feedback is not my favorite kind of feedback, but I do like honesty and it is a way to learn from others. So, if you’re an Idea Café regular or just a guest – let me hear from you. Just send a short email – it won’t be too painful. Just let us know what you think of the vision and concept – remember – you are strangers you can say whatever you want, you don’t have to keep me happy. I like to be happy – but it’s not your job to keep me happy. Just make a DECISION and write to me!!!! Just drop me an email –

Remember – as you work on your vision always keep a positive attitude – because “Thoughts Become Things – Think the good ones.” – Mike Dooley.

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Got Shirts! Go Green Go!

What a month October has been. Sailing in the Caribbean for 12 days. Oh wait, you don’t want to hear about the vacation, you want to know what’s been happening with Go Green Go. Actually, if you do want to hear about sailing in the BVI’s – just send me an email ( ) and I will be happy to talk about sailing and give you some great places to visit. But now back to reality and business…. So, what’s new with us??? It’s been a year since Go Green Go was just a twinkle in our eyes, but we are finally able to say “We have shirts!” – Yes, the first in the series of our eco-friendly activities have been printed and are ready for sale. We have chosen a basic T-shirt made by Authentic Pigment to introduce our collection. Authentic Pigment creates earth friendly apparel and it does its part to help the planet. Their styles are garment-dyed, which means only the finished product is dyed, not the entire piece of fabric. The result: they use less dye, less energy, less water. Also, the non-dyed fabric clippings left after the garment is cut are recycled to create new T-shirts. Each shirt made from ringspun cotton, is lighter in weight and has a softer drape, creating an antiqued, vintage look that now feels as soft and as lived in as it looks. The shirts are cut for comfort, with an updated fit. The color that we have chosen is from nature’s palette – TREE – from the EARTH collection. Walking is the first eco-activity that we have chosen to promote. The next steps are to showcase them properly on the website and on the shopping cart site. So, more time spent on the computer revamping and redesigning the sites. Then it’s on to the next phase which is the “How do we sell these shirts?” phase. This will be a challenge of a different kind. How to market with little to nothing in the marketing budget. That’s where Idea Café helps out…….Let’s see what we can do together this month….Til next time – I’ll only be dreaming of sailing. By the way – if any of you regulars at Idea Café ever want to offer suggestions or ideas – Please contact me at any time – We would love to hear from you. Remember “Go Green…Go Walking”

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What’s happening with the Little Green Guy!

It’s been a month since Go Green Go has won the 2009 Idea Café Grant – let’s see what’s happening with the “little green guy”. Our goals were to update the website and put “the little green guy” on a T-shirt design and get ready to launch the first in the series of our eco-friendly activities.

I’m happy to report that great strides were made on the web site. We have a community page that details the ultimate purpose of the company and the organizations that we are partnering with to accomplish these goals. As I worked on the site, I realize that this will be an ongoing project as the company continues to evolve. (There is also a sneak preview of the first design).

I am also happy, actually more happy (I know that’s not proper grammar), to report that we have finally put the finishing touches on our initial design. The first eco-friendly activity that we will showcase is Walking. The little green guy is very happy to be doing his part to help the environment by walking more.

The greatest challenge that I faced this month was making the final decisions on the design. It has actually taken about a year to get to this phase of the project. Starting from a vision, putting “words” to the vision so that others could “see” the vision and ultimately putting the vision on paper so it could take on a life of its own. It’s been and continues to be quite a journey. The journey has included a constant revamping of ideas, incorporating opinions and suggestions into the design process, eliminating some of the not so great ideas and suggestions……then at some point in the process the suggestions, ideas and opinions must come to and end and the final decision must be made and someone has to make that decision – YIKES – that’s the scary part. But it’s been done – the colors have been chosen, T-shirts have been ordered, the printing will soon begin and before we know it the “Little Green Guy” will have a life of his own, participating in all his favorite eco-friendly activities.

Next goal and challenge – Working with the Community Partners – I will start to work with the students of Manchester Community College during the coming year. The students and I will have an opportunity to work together to develop some marketing and advertising ideas for Go Green Go.

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Idea Cafe Winner

This message was  from Carmine, owner of Bizflick

“Recently my business and I had the honor of being named a finalist along with 49 other exceptional businesses and there leaders in the Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant contest hosted by Idea Cafe. I congratulate Susan Jenkins of Go Green Go on a wonderful win with a brilliantly conceived and executed concept.”

Thanks to Carmine for her encouragement.

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